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.Vital Survival.
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There are but two ways to spread the light,
to be the candle, or the mirror that reflects it.
- Edith Wharton
June 2016
Vital Survival
1/25/06 04:34 am

I need help getting out of my abusive situation.

First off, I have a 3 year old son with him. We live together. He is abusive and threatens to kill me if I call the cops on me. He is very very crazy, and says if I put him in jail he'll kill me when he gets out. He has nothing to lose.

I live in Canada. I would like to know if anyone can either refer me to someone on LJ that has gotten out of a similar situation, give me advice on what to do, or refer me to websites or services that can help me. Anything that might be useful to me.

I am desperate as I am scared as hell of what's going to happen to me and my son.

Thank you.



Vital Survival
8/18/05 09:34 pm


I would just like to introduce myself. My name is Maria and I am a very warm hearted person who truly cares about people. Having been a victim myself, I understand feelings of depression, anxiety, anger and lonliness.. I just want to help in any way I can.. Feel free to add me or ask me for advice..

You have a real friend is me

<3 Maria


Vital Survival
7/3/05 01:11 am
Clearly life is crap and really horrible things happen. We all need someone to blame for the problems, disaters, and tragedies. That is why I am here. I want to let you blame me for wahtever it is you need to blame someone for. Even if it could not possible be my fault. This is not a joke I am willing to let you yell at me for whatever and I will apologize. Because in someways it actually is my fault. This is not a joke it's just a new idea. I am trying to make the world better by getting your problems off your back as best I can. I'm sorry for "advertising" this way. It's the best way I know how. Thank you.


Vital Survival
2/21/05 03:17 pm
I'll confess, I just don't care anymore. Everything that has interested me now is boring, unentertaining. I feel like I've failed others, I've failed myself- but that doesn't really matter. I don't care for help any more.

I feel like I'm drowning in a puddle, with the ability to raise my head but no will power to do it. I'm outside, watching this, and it doesn't desturb me, it doesn't make me want to reach out and hold on. If there is a point to my life, I've missed it.

Do you ever really start feeling again?



Vital Survival
9/30/04 11:28 pm
I need help.

To make a long story short... I just got out of a 3 year abusive relationship, which left me the single mother of one wonderful little boy, Aidan (he'll be 2 in November). Paying for diapers, groceries, etc. wasn't a problem while I was in the relationship, but for my own health I had to get out of that.

Now, my problem is, I'm working, but I can't afford diapers, food, warm clothes, or anything I need for my son. I can barely afford the gas money to get to work, on top of babysitting $ and food.

I guess what I'm asking, and I'm sorry if I'm coming off sounding like a beggar... but if there is anyone out there who is better off than I am, if you could help me out in any way, I'd be VERY thankful. I don't have much support from my family and I really don't have any friends who could help me out, most of them are younger than I am anyways.

This is my last resort. If you could please help me, my email is plsmachic@excite.com, or I could email you if you comment with your email address.

Again, I'm sorry for asking, I just don't know where else to turn.

~* Laura *~

Current Mood: scared scared


Vital Survival
8/3/04 10:33 pm
I'm fairly new to the act of posting to LJ communities, but I really think the time is right for me to start.

How the hell do I begin? Everything I want to say sounds contrived: "Hi, my name is ____ and I'm an abuse survivor," and everything. Truth is I'm really, really anxious about posting this stuff in public.

I'm 28 years old right now. It took me until about this time last summer to even realize that the events I'd gone through earlier in my life should even be considered abuse. Because, you know, it's not abuse if you think you deserve it, right? I've been diagnosed with depression since I was 19, but I didn't really start working through it until, like I said, last year. The feeling of "lost time" over that is a killer sometimes.

the unusual thing about why i'm here is that i'm a tall white male who grew up in the @#$%&*! suburbs in what should have been an idyllic community. but you know what? I was physically and verbally abused by my peers. I'm not making this crap up. I mean sure, growing up, pretty much everyone gets verbally abused in school due to various cliques and other assorted bullshit. Kids get into fights. Big deal, right?

My parents generally weren't around or didn't care. They're both children of alcoholic families, they had very skewed ideas of communication and being a role model. I was largely left to fend for myself. I was, at the beginning, a fairly hyper and emotional child. I was an easy target for bullies, cliques, individuals, even teachers (yeah, no kidding) to make fun of me to some extent. I had rotten luck with teachers. I was "that kid" that everyone made fun of, all the damn time. but it wasn't just that. there was chronic abuse by roving gangs of neighborhood tough guys who'd corner me, chase me down, toss me around, beat me up for fun, whatever. The thing is, this went on for YEARS. though i had a couple friends, i didn't have any real consistent support. nothing to refute the notion that I was worthless.

years later, I'm still recovering from this. and, you know what, it sounds really fucking stupid when I write it all down like this. It sounds petty, paltry, trivial, no worse than what a lot of people go through and wind up just fine. but then, why the hell do I have nightmares? why am I stuck in depressive loops of self-torture because i somehow believe i'm fundamentally worthless? why am I paranoid about other people injuring and torturing me to the point where I have daydreams of people hurting me at every opportunity?

It's really, really common for people who are depressed to feel alone, isolated, like they're the "only one". that's kind of why I'm here. abuse by peers isn't as common (or at least, it's not as talked about) as, say, spousal, parental or sexual abuse. so, I'm wondering where to go to gain community.

this has sort of dissolved into a ramble. i just hope that I'm not as alone in the universe as I think I am.


Vital Survival
6/7/04 01:02 am
im not really depressed im new my names todd i'm lonley thats what it is i'm lonley right now i need someone to talk to any takers?


Vital Survival
5/24/04 08:36 pm

I have spoken to frist of my problems, but never in depth. I always seem to be bothere, though I usually do not show it.

I am a few of the things here in this community, but I will not explain them right now.

I try making my self better by making others happy, either by making them art, commenting on their work or by host their work on a site i have. It does help to a degree, but depression always looms.

I have tried to deal with it, I have felt fairly numb since I was nine (now 22). I want to be able to feel again on my own.

I am sorry if my feelings trigger some of your own. I just hope i am welcome here.

thank you

Current Mood: cold cold


Vital Survival
4/28/04 10:09 pm
Hi! I'm new here, my name is amanda, nice to meet more people like me. I struggle with the same issues as most of the members at this community and I just wanted to find more support and help to support others!! I really like helping people and I think I'm fairly good at it too :) If you want some extra support (even though i hate advertising on other people communities **Sorry** just want to offer some more help to others like me) here's my new community:



Vital Survival
4/21/04 10:56 am
Please help me. Someone keep me from drowning.

Or from having someone call the police on me because I'm howling like I'm being murdered.

Such a fucking waste of life.

I want so much to get the rope that I have (for some reason or another) and hang myself from the bannister. I don't even feel like cutting, this time. All that's left is the emptiness. The hole inside that's taking me alive.

God, I want so much to die. More than I ever have before.